Popular Culture  –  1

The concept of “pop culture” has long been an integral part of our lives. It characterizes modern society as a consumer society, in which even such timeless things as art and literature are built on a commercial basis.

There is a stereotype that products of mass culture are neither high-quality nor high-moral. It is assumed that pop culture does not create anything new but just simplifies high culture to the form appropriate for mass consumption.

What is Pop Culture?

In modern slang, popular culture is a mainstream, or such a culture that is in demand and highly popular among a wide range of customers. It’s accessible and understandable to everyone, whether it’s expressed in art, fashion, literature, sports, entertainment, lifestyle or any other form. We can say that every person is involved in the development of mass culture since it does not require special knowledge and skills. Every of us contributes to the development of pop culture when using social networks, mobile gadgets, as well as by creating something new or covers on already existed products.

But the greatest source of pop culture is media, through which it spreads at the speed of light, grabbing the attention of the various sectors of the population and overcoming all sorts of geographic conventionalities.

Why is Pop Culture So Simple and Accessible?

In fact, it’s a purely commercial product with the main task to earn as much money as possible. Well, that’s possible only in case of high interest among a wide range of consumers. And, as I already said, media and advertising play a huge role in popularizing the products of mass culture.