The reason for the decline of the Mauryan Empire are as follows

  1. Partition of Mauryan Empire
  • It is the immediate cause for the decline of the Mauryan dynasty
  • After the death of Asoka Mauryan Empire was divided into two halves.It made the dynasty weak
  • Had the partition not taken place the Greek invasion of the north-west could have been held back for a while


  1. Weak-later Mauryan rulers
  • Asoka completely disrupted the Mauryan Empire
  • After Asoka 6 rulers ruled only for 52 years
  • The last Mauryan king was assassinated by his own commander-in-chief ‘Pusyamitra sunga’
  • They also do not follow the traditional polices of Mauryans
  1. Asoka’s responsibility for the decline                                                                                                       
  • C.Raychandhuri said pacifist policies of Asoka were responsible for undermining the strength of the Empire
  • From Bimbisara to Kalinga war Asoka had extended the Empire from Hindkush to the border of the Tamil country
  • After kalinga war the processed was reversed
  • Also he banned the sacrifice of animals , undermining the prestige of Bramanas by ‘exposing them as false gods’
  • It resulted in Braminical revolt
  • Te
  • Hese are the reason that Asoka was responsible for the decline of the empire
  1. Pressure on Mauryan Economy
  • It is based on the increase of taxes and debasement of later mauryan punch marked coins
  • The foreign accounts and materials remains of the period given the picture of the expanding economy
  1. Highly centralized administration
  • It is an advantage to the able ruler and people
  • But it is disadvantage to the weak ruler who would lose its central control and allow forces of decay to disintegrate and wreek it
  • Later Mauryas led automatically to the weakening of the administration
  • Division of empire after Asoka is also led to the failure of the administration


These are the reasons for the decline of Mauryan Empire