South East Asia Geography – 3


Indonesia formally know as Netherland east India if an archipelago which is extending from Malayasia to new guinea it is a chain of islands which is stretching through 55 degrees of longitude on both sides of equator. In these islands the main products of trade are sugarcane, rubber, tea, coffee, quinine, palm oil, coconut oil, tin boxide etc. in this it is one for the richest regions of the world.

Population : Indonesia had a population of 7 Crore people according to the 1940 census. The population is divided into many ethnic groups. Out of the total population 95% were Indonesian java and Madura are most thickly populated islands average population density is 900 people per sq.miles. as far as religion is concerned they are mostly Muslims about 2 million inhabitants are Christians and about 1.5 million are Hindus.

The Dutch : Dutch rules over the colony since the very beginning. The colony had a bureaucratic structure.