Vardhana Dynasty

North India after Gupta:

North India after Gupta was divided into number of independent states. Some important were Maitrakas of Valabhi, Maukaris of Kannauj, Gurjaras of Rajputana , The Gaudas of Bengal, later Guptas of  Malwa , Magadha and Pushyabhutis of Thaneswar .

Vardhana Dynasty:

The Pushyabhuti or Vardhana dynasty of Thaneswar played an important role in Indian History. Vardhana were initially feudatory chiefs of Maukaris but later got independence. According to Harshacharita of Banabatta the independent ruler of Pushyabhuti. Harsha Vardhana was the greatest ruler of the Pushyabhuti Dynasty.

Extention of the Empire:

Information about the extent is provided by the Harshacharita of Banabatta, and the the Chinese traveller Hiuan Tsang. Harsha first invaded Bengal in the west, the Malwas and Gurjanas and the rulers of Gujarat were hereditary enemies of Harsha. Harsha succeeded Dhruvasena-II of Gujarat, but again were at war on conflict. The rivalry came to an end with the marriage of Dhruvasena-II with the daughter of Harsha.

The expansion towards south was checked by the Chalukya king Pulikesin-II. In the war at the bank of river Narmada, both fought vigorously but could not defeat Pulikesin and Harsha retreated. Many parts of north Indian rulers of Valabhi, Kamarupa, Kashmir, West Punjab, Sindh, Rajputana, Nepal stayed Independent. But Harsha was considered as a powerful king after fall of Guptas.