Filing System and Record -3

Filing Syst

Filing System Record Followed In The Central Government Department In The Central Secretariat In New Delhi.

  1. Constituents of a file – (i) Notes and Correspondence- Two main Parts of a file are
  2. Notes and (b) correspondence. Each one of which is placed in a separate cover. The former contains notes recorded on a “Paper under consideration” and Fresh Receipt” if any. The Correspondence contains all communication received an office copies of outgoing communication.

                     When the note or the correspondence portion of a file becomes bulky it should be bound and marked ‘vol 1’. Further action on the subject will be continued on a new volume of the same file, both the covers of which will be marked ‘vol 11’ and so on.

(ii) Appendix to notes and correspondence – if the inclusion of any detailed information in the notes is likely to obscure the main point at issue or make the note unnecessarily lengthy such information or details will be incorporated in a separate and self-contained summary or a statement which will be placed in a separate cover called appendix to notes. Similarly, if enclosures to a communication received or issued consist of a large mass material, they should be placed in a separate cover called appendix of correspondence.

  • Numbering of pages- Every page in each part of the file should be consecutively numbered in separate series. Blank intervening pages, if any should not be numbered.
  • Punching of papers- Every paper shall be punched at the left-hand top corner to the correct gauge (3/4 of an inch from either side before it is tagged to the correspondence or notes).
  • Serial numbers- Every communication, whether receipt or issue, together with-it enclosures kept in the correspondence will be given a serial number in red ink on its first page, preferably on the right top corner. The first communication will be marked, “serial no 1” and the subsequent ones will bear consecutive serial numbers in a single series.
  • Docketing-(i) Docketing is the process of making entries in the notes portion of a file about each serial number in the correspondence for its identification. A receipt will be docketed by writing in red ink, across the pages, the serial number of the communication followed by its number and date and the designation/ name of sender (e.g. serial no.4 (receipt)- No.32/14-52 Admn. Dated 28th August 1996 from the secretary, Planning Commission). An ‘issues’ will be docketed by the name and designation of the addressee.

(ii) The name of the Ministry and Section and the subject of the file will be given on the top of the first page of the notes before docketing the first serial.

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