Scientific Historical Writing – Trevelyan

              Trevelyan of Great Britain was greatest among the modern historians. His full name was George Macauley Trevelyan (1876-1962). He likes history and dislikes mathematics. He was influenced by Edward Gibbon. He was professor of modern history at Cambridge. His important works were, “History of England”, “Garibaldi”, “Making of Italy”, “England under Queen Annie”, “Muse” and other essays.

His Ideas:

              He did not find any new school of Historiography. He was biased in favor of pre-industrial revolution and the superiority of English institutions, but he brought in many materials and evidences, he was committed for both history and literature. He displayed the events with more clarity and effect.  He concluded that history can be read not as a discipline and also as pleasure. He reflected on the past in a fascinating language.