Discovery of oil

In Middle East the oil discovery was first took place in Iran in the year of 1908.

William D’Arcy he was a British business man who got the oil concession from the government of Iran.

In the time of 19th century the western world countries mostly depended on the oil, during that time only the oil was discovered in middle east ,it was life changing findings for middle eastern people.

During 19th century the oil was used for electricity, plastic products.

United Kingdom was the highest usage of oil to power the navy ships.

William D’Arcy established oil-well in Persia in the city of Masjid –Soleman.

The Anglo -Persian Oil Company was started. Burma was the leading share holders.

The oil-well was also discovered in the place of Persian countries like Naft-e-Shah (it was located the border of Iraq), Haftkel and Gascaran.

The oil discovery changed the condition of Middle Eastern countries.

After the oil was discovered in the Middle Eastern countries the condition of Middle East was totally changed in the economy level.

Without oil the Middle East region was different.  Oil was helped to shape the economic growth of the Middle Eastern regions. It also changed the country poor into wealthy and prosperous.

The process of “Nationalization of oil Production”was started by Iran in the year 1950.

The economic growth changed Middle East into a modernized country. And it became an attractive region for business and tourism.

In politically the government impose new taxes for oil. Many number of company were started. It totally removed the unemployment.  

The discovery of oil helped the Middle Eastern country to relationship with other countries.

In the year of 1976, 22.35 million barrels oil was produced and 20.84 were exported.

Middle Eastern countries are the leading oil supplier of the western world.

The important oil producing countries are Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Saudi Arabia was the biggest oil producing country in world wide. It was one of the important growing country in Middle East.

Nowadays over half of the oil was produced by Middle Eastern countries and supplied worldwide.


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