Zionism is a political and national movement for the establishment of a Jewish state in the Palestinian region which is considered as a homeland. The word Zionism is derived from the word Zion which is associated with Jerusalem.

Even though Theodor Herzl wasn’t the first one to suggest the establishment of the Jewish state, he was the one who made a systematic plan and efforts to make it possible. Herzl formed the World Zionist Congress in 1897 and advocated for the formation of a Jewish state. Anti- Semitism was prevalent in Europe during the time and Jews were persecuted in large numbers and hence they felt that the only solution to this problem would be a creation of a Jewish state which would safeguard and protect the Jews.

Herzl proposed two destinations for the establishment of the Jewish state i.e. Argentina and Palestine and considered Argentina to be the ideal destination due to its favorable climate but later conceded that the historical ties with Palestine would make it the ideal destination and people would have a greater connect with the cause.

The Zionists adopted Hebrew as their language and many of the immigrants refused to speak in their previously known European languages as they believed that one language would strengthen the bonds between the people.

Until 1948, the primary aims of Zionism was to safeguard the rights of the Jews, prevent anti-Semitism and create a Jewish state in Israel. After the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, the aims of Zionism are to support Israeli objectives and protect it from external threats.