Causes for the Decline of the Mughal Empire

  1. War of succession: Due to fight between brothers for throne and consequent politics led to weakening of mughal hold on administration.
    2) Aurangzeb’s religious Policies: Religious fanaticism of Aurangzeb led to unity among Hindu which were divided on account of policy of inclusion of Akbar.
    3) Weak Successors of Aurangzeb: After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, successors were weak and not able to hold administration effectively.
    4) Empty Treasury due to frequent wars and lifestyle of Mughal: Due to frequent wars and lavish lifestyle of Mughal treasury was empty. It impacted military and security expenditure and further led to the weakening of the defence mechanism.
    5) Invasions by various forces:  Invasion by Nadir Shah from North-West as well as British forces started exploitation by various means helped in the weakening of already weak Mughal.
    6) Rise in Feudalism: Due to lack of strong central figure, there was a rise in Feudalism which started bargaining with Mughals for military support.
    7) New technology weapons of the British: British were armed with new age weapons whereas Mughals still used the medieval time weapons. Complete lack of new technology gave advantage to the rival groups.