Tourism can be stated as the largest and rapidly growing industry across the profitable market segmentation. Advancement in means of transportation is the treason travelling becomes very fast and people are crossing the geographical boundaries for several reasons. Therefore, Tourism Professionals must be fully aware about all the rules and regulations affecting the outbound travel in directly and indirectly manner and they should be thorough with all the latest happenings in this regard as the tourists visiting any part of the world are governed by rules and

regulations of both the countries i.e. native and host countries.

These rules and regulations are quite important for the security of the host country. These formalities help and prevent the illegal movement of illegal migrants and criminals. They also help the country to limit illegal entry of the unauthorised goods such as drugs, animal hides, arms, explosives etc. These formalities before the movement of the tourist from one country to another ensure the safety of the country being visited. The formalities are in the form of documents and endorsement which are solicited well in advance. The tourist must induce an authentic passport and visa before consummating the technicalities of travel. Without the precondition documents travel is not possible overseas. 

In India there are no boundations to travel in different states once one gets the visa, except for the border line areas and the islands for which a special permit is w required as the fourth said are very high security lands. However, a traveller who wants to go outside of his native country for the purpose of recreational activities has to undergo certain formalities/inspections before starting his travel.

1. Prime Inspection

During the elementary inspection, Passport,Visa (when required),Compulsory vaccinations,Travel insurance,foreign exchange,restricted area permit are the documents required from a traveller:

2. Backup Inspection

After the primary inspection, a secondary inspection is conducted by the Bureau of immigration to protect the susceptible victims of human trafficking and subjective outlawed recruitment drives by checking the following prospects such as age, educational qualification, fiscal capacity to travel etc. If the traveller is not financially able to travel around the desired destinations then he shall need an endorsement certificate, stating the relationship with the above mentioned endorser.

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