Travel Insurance

Having this insurance is a very important aspect of travel planning. It helps the travellers by giving a perfect prior safeguard against adverse situations from the time the journey starts. Before selecting the insurance plan the traveller should look at these following facts of the policy:

a) Compensation for flight Issues- a travel insurance policy provides you with compensation in certain cases, including flight delay or cancellation. This usually is covered in case of travelling abroad. You will be provided with accommodation during the waiting period.

b) Medical Emergency & Hospitalisation: – This type of policy covers the cost of medical emergencies that a traveller faces when he is on the move and is in need of any financial help while away from the home. The policy will normally cover all reasonable medical, surgical, hospital, and nursing fees incurred overseas, as a result of bodily injury, illness, or disease, to relieve pain.

c) Travel and Accommodation: – This clause covers any emergency causing trip termination or delay. In the meanwhile, expenses arising out of hotel accommodation, in-between transportation, air ambulance (if required due to a medical emergency), etc. are settled under the coverage of your travel insurance policy.

d) Legal Liability and Expenses:-This clause covers the traveller in case of any unfortunate incident that the traveller becomes the reason for. These include death or damage to health or the property of the sufferer. 

Benefits of travel insurance

a) If the flight is delayed, meal reimbursements are given.

b) In case of lost passport, quick assistance is provided.

c) Emergency medical help is provided when needed.

d) Basic requirements are provided, in case of luggage lost.

e) In case of disaster, heading back home is made quickly.

f) It is mandatory to take travel insurance for some countries to travel in.

g) Immunity is provided in case of Travel Company’s bankruptcy.

h) Makes the trip economic.

i) Gives maximum coverage at minimum cost.