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Satavahanas – Administration

Administration. King was the upholder of dharma, as said in Dharmashastras- he was divine origin- and had the qualities of mythical heroes like Rama ,Bhima, Keshava and Arjuna – he was compared to supernatural forces. Satavahanas followed some administrations structure of Ashoka’s time.  The district was called as ahara, as it was known in the […]

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Satavahanas – Social Life

Material Culture, Social Life. Material culture was a mixture of Northern and local elements. Most tools excavated in Satavahana period relate to the megalith materials, like the use of Iron and Agriculture. The socketed hoes, sickles, spades, axes, ploughshare, adzes, razors, arrow heads were all discovered. All these belong to 1,2 and 3 centuries of […]

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Satavahanas – Political History

Political In the northern part the Mauryas were succeeded by Shunkas and Kanvas. In the north Deccan and Central was succeeded by Satavahanas. Satavahanas are considered as Andhras. During the period of Satavahanas the State formation started. Growth Urbanisation also started which were proved by Iron plough share.  Paddy transplantation was initiated during this period […]

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