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Ancient India facts

Rashtrakudas The Rashtrakudas occupied the most important place in the history of Deccan. They had an extensive, powerful and glorious empire. Krishna-III reached upto Rameshwaram. The important rulers were Indra-I , Dantidurga , Krishna , Govinda-II , Dhruva , Govinda-III , Sarva or Amoghavarsha and Krishna –II Rashtrakudas were the first to attack North India. […]

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The Pala Dynasty was the ruling Dynasty in Bihar and Bengal India in Ancient India. Pala dynasty was founded by Gopala in 750 AD, who was a chieftain earlier but later became the king of Bengal. He established his dominance and stronghold in Kamarupa.. Dharmapala succeeded Gopala. He ruled for a period of 770-810 AD. […]

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