Ancient India facts


  • The Rashtrakudas occupied the most important place in the history of Deccan.
  • They had an extensive, powerful and glorious empire. Krishna-III reached upto Rameshwaram.
  • The important rulers were Indra-I , Dantidurga , Krishna , Govinda-II , Dhruva , Govinda-III , Sarva or Amoghavarsha and Krishna –II
  • Rashtrakudas were the first to attack North India. They defeated Prathiharas , Palas , the Chalukyas, the Cholas of the south .
  • They earned the titles like Parameshwara, Parambattaraka , Maha rajadhiraja
  • The empire was divided into Rastras , Bhuktis , and villages. Rastrapatis or Vispatis look after the district administration.
  • Kailash temple of Ellora is the most famous temple of Rashtrakutas in South India


Hiuen Tsang on India

  • The Chinese traveller Hiuan Tsang visited India during the time of Harsha.
  • He wrote ‘Si-Yu-Ki’ or Record of the western countries, it is known as the best source to known about the Socio- cultural condition of India at that time.
  • His main aim was to study Buddhism and collect its religious texts.
  • He stayed in India for 14 years. From Taxila, went to Kashmir, Matura, Kannuj, Sravarti, Ayadhya, Kapilavadu, Kvsinagara and stayed at Nalanda for 5years.
  • He said Kannauj as a beautiful city.
  • Indians used cotton, silk, wool and wrote Indians were lovers of education literature and Fine arts.
  • He praised that Harsha spend 3/4th of the Revenue for religious purpose.



  • Banabhatta wrote Harshacharita, one of the greatest master piece in Sanskrit prose.
  • This biography provides valuable information about the period of Harshavardahana.
  • It is written in kavya



  • The Pala Dynasty was the ruling Dynasty in Bihar and Bengal in Ancient India.
  • Pala dynasty was founded by Gopala in 750 AD.
  • He established his dominance and stronghold in Kamarupa.
  • Dharmapala succeeded Gopala.
  • The Palas became the most powerful kingdom in the Northern and Eastern India during Dharmapala reign
  • Dharmapala, a pious Buddhist king founded Vikramshila University.



  • Hemandasena established the Sena Dynasty
  • The greatest ruler of the Sena dynasty and the real founder was Vijaysena
  • He contributed to revival of Hinduism and Sanskrit Literature in Bengal
  • Jeyadeva the author of Halayudha and Geeta Govinda was patronised by the Senas.



  • The dynasty of Pratiharas was founded by Harichandra in 6th century AD.
  • Nagabhatta-I was the first important ruler of this dynasty. He ruled from 730 AD to 756 AD.
  • His kingdom was including Gwalior, Bharuch and Malwa. Awanti was the capital of his kingdom.
  • Nagabhatta II was the most illustrious king of Pratihara dynasty.
  • He is best known for rebuilding the Somnath Temple in 815 AD. Mihirbhoja was the other important king of the dynasty.


It Sing

  • He studied in Nalanda university.
  • He stayed in India between 673-688 came as pilgrimage.
  • He wrote the book tittled ‘A record of the Buddhist religion as practised in India and the Maly Archipelago’