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Ancient India facts

Rashtrakudas The Rashtrakudas occupied the most important place in the history of Deccan. They had an extensive, powerful and glorious empire. Krishna-III reached upto Rameshwaram. The important rulers were Indra-I , Dantidurga , Krishna , Govinda-II , Dhruva , Govinda-III , Sarva or Amoghavarsha and Krishna –II Rashtrakudas were the first to attack North India. […]

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Banabhatta wrote Harshacharita, one of the greatest master piece in Sanskrit prose. This biography provides valuable information about the period of Harshavardahana. It is written in kavya style. His second great work, the prose romance Kadambari, is named for the heroine of the novel. The book describes the affairs of two sets of lovers through a series of incarnations. […]

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