Types of Tourism – 6

From the point of spending on travel and tourism, tourism can be classified as:

Tourism practiced by the elite is referred to 5-star tourism. They lavishly spend on accommodation, cuisine, transportation, etc. 5-star tourism is good as far as economic earnings are concerned, but creates social tensions, over exploitation of community resources and other unsought consequences. Tourism in Goa is a typical 5-star tourism with attendant benefits and ills.

Today the middle income group is fast growing. As a major group its contribution to tourism is more. A middle-class tourist goes on annual or biannual visits to a certain destinations with family members. They generally prefer railways and 1-2 star hotels.

This refers to tourism practiced by the low income groups. They are conscious. They may not even prefer a paid hotel accommodation. They travel by night, thus avoiding a hotel stay and go on sight-seeing during the day time.
It is a type of tourism where the itinaries, facilities, etc. are standardised and offers as ‘package’ at a fixed price to intending tourists. There are all-inclusive, transport and accommodation only inclusive of, and other types of inclusive package tourism. Package tours are convenient for both group and single tourists. They are designed and operated by professional travel agencies/tour operators.
Youth tourism is given thrust since the 1980s. The youth of a country are its future. Youth must be involved in tourism not only as visitors but also as preservers of national heritage and above all as resourceful human resources needed by the tourism industry and the country. Youth hostels are therefore established at important tourist’s centres in India for the benefit of the youth tourists. India is ideal as a youth tourism destination with its choice of activity – oriented holidays and attractions. Youth Hostels Association of India does a yeomen service for the promotion of youth tourism in the country in association with the government and voluntary agencies.