Compulsory Vaccination

Whatever the destination, the best possible pre-travel preparation is essential to protect the health of travelers while away. Some vaccines are compulsory, and they can face difficulty crossing borders without correct documentation. Other vaccines are highly recommended for their own health and safety, but they will not be asked for documentation while passing International borders.

There are two types of immunizations, which are compulsory and recommended. The compulsory vaccinations are only required by certain countries. Some countries may recommend certain immunizations, especially when the traveller normally travels outside the urban areas.

The travellers should therefore be advised to obtain a health certificate, proving that they have been vaccinated for a specified infectious disease. If they are not able to produce the same, they could be deported back out of the country or they could be detained and kept in quarantine.

An internationally recognized certificate is required by the traveller if they have to be vaccinated against a certain disease. The certificate has to be produced by the traveller at the point of entry into the country.

The WHO international certificate of vaccination can usually be obtained from health clinics, doctors, and health authorities. In order for the certificate of vaccination to be valid, it must bear the name of vaccination, the date, and should be signed by the concerned authorities in the country of issue. Cholera and yellow fever are the only vaccinations which are normally required for travelling to certain countries.