Other Modes of Transport

  • Pipelines transport

In modern times, pipelines are used for various purposes. Water supply to residential and commercial areas is carried on with the help of pipeline. Petroleum and natural gas are also transported from one place to another through pipelines. This is the most convenient as well as economical mode of transport for petroleum as well as natural gas in comparison to road and rail transport, provided the volume to be transported is large. But the cost of installation and maintenance requires large capital investment.

d.Ropeway transport

Ropeway refers to a mode of transport, which connects two places on the hills, or across a valley or river. In the hilly areas, trolleys move on wheels connected to a rope and are used for carrying passengers or goods, especially building materials, food, etc. The famous “Uran Khatola Jagdamba” in Gujarat that carries pilgrims to the temple is an example of ropeway transport, which carries more than 100 passengers at a time.